At Auctions

This page shows you how to access cars going through Japanese auctions on a daily basis.

We will require a £750/1000 initial payment before any bidding is placed and 70% payment is required once car is secured at auction or dealership.

Please email us for the full process of buying at auctions –

If you would like to view any of the cars currently going through the Japanese auctions, please apply via the link below or use the login details below. Once you have seen a car that your interested in please contact us vi email or telephone.

Use the link below to get access to the auctions and enjoy viewing whats potentially available in Japan (You must create account to log in and view)


You must create account to be able to view cars.

If you find a car your interested in the Auctions then  please contact us:

We Have a simple 5 Step Import Process once deposit is recieved  –


We look at auctions and dealerships as well as private sales to find your desired vehicle, we can forward you pictures via email and contact via the phone.


Once car is sourced we arrange inspection in Japan and make sure it meets customers expectation/budget we will send you videos or pics.


This stage is were we require the 70% payment to complete the deal and prepare car for export from Japan to UK or Other Destination.


Upon vehicle landing to the UK we take care of all HMRC Taxes and duty payments and have vehicle cleared through customs on your behalf.


This is the best stage for the customer as we now prep the car at JM-Imports and get vehicle ready for customer collection with full UK Registration.


Understanding the Japanese Auction Sheet

Grade S>6>5 – Brand new to perfect condition
Grade 4.5 – very good condition
Grade 4.0 – good condition
Grade 3.5 – fair condition
Grade 3 – average to poorer condition
Grade 2 – spares/repair
Grade 1 – modified vehicle
Grade 0 / 0.1 / 0.2 – Accident repaired (see vehicle report for replaced parts)
Grade R / R A – Accident repaired / with very clean repair – usually by the insurance companies.

(Please note some Grade R or A or O might be just cosmetically repaired so dont rule these out)

(* next to milege indicates – meter change history or aftermarket speedo fitted before or now – so dont dismiss these also)

(Any cars with aftermarket speedometer or speedo changed in Japan must be deemed incorrect milege unless we can verify – The current ODO display is what will be used)

A1: small scratch
A2: scratch
A3: big scratch
B1: little dent
B2: dent
B3: bit dent
W1: small repair mark
W2: repaired mark (waved)
W3: not well repaired mark (waved)
C1: small rust/corrosion
C2: rust/corrosion
C3: big rust/corrosion
X: need to be replaced
XX: replaced
H: discoloration
Non Genuine (Not maker’s original)
F: Front
R: Rear
T: Temporary (Tyre)
W : double
AC: air condition
AAC: auto air condition
WAC: double air condition
FA: Floor Automatic transmission
CA: Column Automatic transmission
5F: 5 speed Floor manual transmission
5C: 5 speed Column manual transmission
SD: sedan
HT: hard top
PS: power steering
PW: power window
AW: aluminum wheel
ST: stereo
CD: CD player
MD: Mini Disc player
TV: television
ABS: Anti-lock Brake System
AFC: Air Flow Converter
CPU: Central Processing Unit
EVC: Engine Valve Controller (for boostup)
G bird : anti-corrosive paint
LSD: Limited Slip Differential
SRS: air bag
TRC (or TCS): Traction Control System
VICS: Traffic Information Navigator
Nox Regulation : Exhaust gas regulation applicable only in Japan