Here at JM-Imports we have access to the Yahoo Japanese auction website.

JM-Imports can buy your parts/cars/bikes via yahoo and ship in containers to the UK.

To view the Yahoo Auctions click the link below and search for your desired items:


Q: “ I am new customer and want to bid at your web on few cars, parts and motorbikes”

A: This is fine HOWEVER, your bid will be accepted only if you have an active account with JM-Imports Ltd and have paid your deposit as required.

Q: How can I pay a deposit to Jm-Imports Ltd

A: You can choose on of the following options:

  1. Direct international T.T to our bank account
  2. Payment by credit card via to
  3. For UK buyers – UK cheques are also fine.

Q: What are JM-Imports` s charges for handling the Yahoo Items?

A: Additional charges will apply to each item purchased:

  1. Handling of the bids:  15% of the Yahoo winning bid amount, but with a minimum Yen 1,000 per item.
  2. Bank charges: Bank charge on the payment to the seller:  Yen 500 per item.
  3. Yahoo auction commission:  3% on all items.
  4. Delivery of the item from the seller to us: Depending on the item’s SIZE:  Yen 700 (small box, say lights or injectors)
  5. to Yen 7,000 (say, complete exhaust system with muffler, alloy rim set etc).  Some larger items have higher charges.
  6. Delivery to you.  You have few options:
  7. Place inside one of your cars, if you are also an Jm-imports Online Auction customer and buy cars from us.
  8. EMS courier- This is fast, 3-5 days to the USA, Europe, Oceania etc, and somewhat more costly than economy air.
  9. SAL- Economy airmail.
  10. Surface/sea mail.  Cheap but rather slow.  Might take 1-2 months to the USA or Europe.
  11. Consolidation of large items (Engines, gearboxes, axles etc) into LCL or FCL ocean containers.
  12. Contact us with your specific requirements for further details and quotes.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to charges and shipping