Turbosmart BOV Controller BigBubba Sonic Sleeper Kit

Turbosmart BOV Controller BigBubba Sonic Sleeper Kit

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The Bubba Sonic BOV Controller Kit is everything you need to get your diesel or low / no vacuum performance engine making all the right noises! This Universal kits includes the Turbosmart BOV Controller, and a Big Bubba VTA (Vent to Atmosphere) Blow Off Valve.

The Turbosmart BOV Controller Kit isᅠ kit comprising a controller, solenoid & all cables and hoses required for isntallation. The BOV Controller itself is an electrical device that takes input from your throttle pedal & uses this to energise a solenoid and vent your chosen valve. The Controller is adjustable for sensitivity and activation duration allowing you to customise it to your needs. The BOV Controller is designed to provide engines such as diesel and other ‘low/no’ vacuum signal engines where a dump or Diverter Valves is required.

Big Bubba From Turbosmart exists because sometomes Bigger is Better! Big Bubba is a piston style valve for large capacity supercharged and turbocharged engines including diesels! If you’re looking for an inconspicous valve for a small capacity, low loost daily driver, you will need to look elsewhere!

Turbosmart’s Boost-Balance System means the more boost you feed this valve, the better it closes and seals – It is literally as simple as that. The 2 inch piston design is an expansion of our traditional BOV5 design, simply expanded to provide big flow and fitment options.

Available in
BOV Controller Unit Only: TS-0304-1003
BOV Controller with Kompact Supersonic: TS-0304-1006
BOV Controller with BOV5 Supersonic: TS-0304-1005
BOV Controller with RacePort – Black: TS-0304-1002
BOV Controller with RacePort – Blue: TS-0304-1001
BOV Controller with Bubba Sonic: TS-0304-1009

Adjsutable Sensitivity
Adjustable Duration
Billet Aluminium Construction
2.0 Inch / 50.8mm Piston
Australian Made, Hand Assembled & Tested
Boost-Balance Technology with Positive Seal O ring
Aluminium V-Band Fitment
Fitment Requires Fabrication // Universal Product

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 21 × 13 cm


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