JM-Imports – High Performance and Exotic Car Specialists

Established in 2002, our team has been importing, maintaining and modifying high performance vehicles to the highest standards.

Our Benton workshop, on the edge of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is set up to provide servicing and maintenance, tuning packages, rolling road and aftermarket parts.

High Performance and Exotic Car Specialists

  • Servicing and Maintenance

    We have the experience, tools and knowledge to work on your performance car; whether that’s a Focus, an Impreza or a Lamborghini.

    Our fully equipped workshop has over 17 years experience working on exotics, supercars and performance cars from around the world.

    Our dedicated team, extensive facilities and supply of performance aftermarket parts allows us to perform servicing efficiently, ensuring your car is at its greatest potential and in the best condition possible.

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  • Performance Tuning and Parts

    We stock a wide selection of aftermarket parts for your performance car. Anything from air intakes to turbos are available from the biggest and best brands on the market.

    Brand new parts from manufacturers around the world are in stock and ready to go, or alternatively we can import used and new parts from Japan and elsewhere internationally.

    From simple upgrades to bespoke solutions for your vehicle: we offer everything you need under one roof.

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  • Car Importing and Exporting

    JM-Imports cars are hand picked by myself and I try to have almost every niche of cult sports car covered, from a superbly maintained stock example, all the way to highly modified 1000bhp cars.

    One of the reasons my business has remained strong in this bad economy is that we sell cars I would be happy to own and drive myself.

    Please feel free to make an appointment and visit us, you will not be disappointed with the quality of stock we import or the services we offer.

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  • Financing

    We are pleased to announce JM-Imports can now offer financing options. Finance is now possible for JDM cars of any age and available on both UK stock and cars in Japan. You can also borrow additionally on top of the cost of the car towards parts and tuning.

    Get started on the road to your dream car. No deposit is required, with exclusive rates available. Complete the agreement online and receive funding for your next car quickly and easily.

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