Turbosmart Gen4 WG50/60 3PSI IN SPRG-BLK/PNK

Turbosmart Gen4 WG50/60 3PSI IN SPRG-BLK/PNK

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Turbosmart’s 3psi Spring is an invaluable upgrade for Turbosmart ProGate50 (50mm) and PowerGate60 (60mm) External Wastegates. Turbosmart designed the spring to offer a much more efficient boost control system than standard wastegates, allowing users to adjust the pressure up or down with just one adjustment. The Turbosmart 3psi spring can be used in any Turbosmart external wastegate, providing reliable performance at a fraction of the cost of other aftermarket solutions. Thanks to its unique design, the Turbosmart 3psi spring provides superior boost control and increased efficiency over traditional wastegates for better performance and improved fuel economy. With this spring installed, owners can expect a noticeable improvement in engine power and response times. Turbosmart’s 3psi spring is the perfect choice for those looking to get the most out of their Turbosmart external wastegate.

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