Turbosmart TS Constant Tension Clamps 3.750-4.625″

Turbosmart TS Constant Tension Clamps 3.750-4.625″

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Constant Tension clamps from Turbosmart are designed to compensate for the thermal cycling and deformation of hoses, such as silicon hose and rubber. As components like couplers, pipes and hoses heat cycle within an engine bay, they expand and contract in size and the our Constant Tension clamps outer ムSpring Action Bandメ works to maintain consistent force & load for maximum reliability, including against deformation and ムCompression Setメ.

No more cut or bruised silicon hose thanks to this unique design that allows for the hose to expand and contract through heat cycles, while maintain perfect tension.

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Includes 2 Clamps

Available In
28-38mm (1.125-1.500ヤ) –TS-HCT-M033
35-48mm (1.375-1.875ヤ) ヨTS-HCT-M042
41-60mm (1.625-2.375ヤ) ヨTS-HCT-M050
50-73mm (1.970-2.875ヤ) ヨTS-HCT-M062
64-86mm (2.500-3.375ヤ) ヨTS-HCT-M075
70-92mm (2.750-3.625ヤ) ヨTS-HCT-M081
95-117.5mm (3.750-4.625ヤ) ヨTS-HCT-M100

Dual Spring Action through convoluted Spring Action Band
Dual Bead Inner shell for concentrated sealing force
Flanged Edges for protection of soft hose compounds
Reduced Stress & Distress to hose, increasing service life

Recommended Installation Tips
Tool(s) Required: Flat Head Screwdriver or 5/16ヤ Socket
Installation Torque: 5.6Nm / 50in.lbs

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Dimensions 14 × 18 × 4 cm


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