Nissan R35 GTR – Flex Fuel Kit

Nissan R35 GTR – Flex Fuel Kit

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Asnu r35 fp 660 kit

Due to the age of vehicles in the field we are now seeing blocked or heavily restricted filter in the stock cradle and the amount of time spent using e85 or other fuels with a high bio component. This results in “drop in” pumps not giving the expected flows or even failing prematurely.

To combat this issue we have designed and tested a system that is as plug and play as possible. it only requires that you strip the filter and pump basket unit from the fuel module and replace with our kit

It is able to take stock or drop in replacement pumps all the way up to a pair of walbro 450
We manufacture for the kit pump two different pump mounts accommodating pumps from the stock size all the way up to walbro 450 units allowing you to use any of the common upgrade pumps for the stock unit from ourselves or other suppliers

We have superior flow over the standard design, due to a improved module lid with enlarged fuel entry slots and improved scavenge fittings with lower pressure drops,. This in turn means the pumps do not suffer from fuel starvation at full flow due to restrictions in fuel entering the module. Retain the factory surge tank is retained as a stock component to avoid issues with low fuel level pick up problems.

The factory level sensor and tank top plate are retained minimising the time and complexity of the installation

To allow the main fuel lines to be changed to motorsport style fittings then we can also supply in addition to this kit , a replacement tank top plate with -8an feed and -6an return fittings in a high flow design maximising the flow
If running the upgrade top plate, we can also supply a lift pump kit for twin lift pumps mounted on the side of the fuel module for race or high lateral g applications
The baby battleship “bare” is the system without pumps for those who already have upgraded parts in there standard module or are looking at a cost effective replacement filter system for stock and just want the frame, scavenge system and filter – the standard bare system comes with 39mm diameter pump mounts for stock or oe replacement parts

The bare system can also specified with a 41mm diameter pump mount that will accept the larger up- rated pumps such as the asnu 340 family and the walbro 450 series

The baby battleship “660” is the system pre assembled with a pair of asnu 330e ethanol compatible 330 l/h fuel pumps with the same filter assembly module, module lid, hoses and spare filter.

The kit is a designed to be practical alternative to changing the main filter over at the main 60,000 mile service without purchasing a whole new fuel module from nissan for well over 1000usd .
This makes the kit a cost effective service replacement part for a filter change for those running higher mileage stock vehicles.
However the system is designed with higher performance and durability in mind and as such has a number of bespoke parts and features.

The kit utilises a custom filter housing with twin -6an inlets and a -8an outlet
The filter comes fitted with a 6 micron glass fibre wound filter. This allows full ethanol compatibility & optimal injector protection, whilst still retaining high flow figures & minimal back pressure.
One replacement filter is supplied with the kit & replacement filters are available on request, as are specialist filters for alternate fuels, if required.

The fuel line used on the kit is tested to a working pressure of 10bar and is a nylon style unit similar to the original. This allows all fuel compatibility and the hose will not rot or degrade like rubber.

Lines from the pump to the filter are 8.3mm id , with a stainless steel crimp fitting at one end for the pump, and a high flow -6 an fitting manufactured by xrp at the filter end.
From the filter to the tank top we use a 9.5mm id hose with a -high flow -8an fitting again from xrp at the filter end, and stainless crimp at the other to allow it to mate with the standard nissan tank top plate.

The kit uses the original pump pre filters, scavenge lines, return line and scavenge regulator, surge tank housing, tank top plate assembly, and wiring.

The module lid is redesigned for improved flow over the stock unit and is shared with our 1100 l/h fuel system. It is manufactured from 316 stainless steel for maximum durability. Threaded inserts allow simple assembly of components when in tank further enhancing use friendliness during install

The filter is retained with a single band clip allowing simple assembly without tricky clips or screws and can be accessed with a simple flat bladed screwdriver from outside the tank

Component parts are manufactured from a 6062 alloy or from stainless steel and will not be affected by any fuels. Lines will not rot or fail (unlike rubber) and are rated for pressure in excess of the oe lines.

Filter life

For kits using the standard oe pumps, the filter should be inspected for debris build up every 12 months, and changed every 3 years or 30’000 miles.
For kits using the asnu 330 e pumps or similar up-rated units, the filter should be inspected for debris build up every 12 months, and changed every 2 years or 20’000 miles due to the significantly increase flow of the up rated pumps.
If used in competitive events or with race or mixed fuels the element should be inspected every 4- 6 months and changed as required. Asnu 660 with two asnu 330 pumps, a 6 micron micro glass fully ethanol compliant filter installed + a spare filter £700

Without the pumps and spare filter a “ bare baby battleship £480

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