Nissan R35 GTR – Front Billet Crown Wheel Pinion

Nissan R35 GTR – Front Billet Crown Wheel Pinion

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Oem ring & pinion replacement price is $1000

Gt-r front billet crown wheel pinion hypoid 16×47 2.93 module oem en36c case harden shot peen

Up to 50% stronger by design and material specification, these gears are designed to give the maximum performance possible whilst retaining the oe gt-r front stock casings with no other modifications needed. Material specification en36c. Stock bearings compatible

Face milled ground bevel gears for strength and control compared to face hobbed tooth forms
En36c steel
Din 5 quality
Gear cut – gleason
Gear grind – gleason phoenix cnc grinder
Gear measurement – gleason 475gms cnc
Design – gleason software
Shot peened
Case harden
Heat treated
Extremely smooth and quiet running
Fits oem and aftermarket lsd
Fits oem or billet casing
Fits oem bearings compatible

Front gt-r billet crown wheel & pinion £1000

Gt-r front cwp backlash 0.10-0.15 * professional install is essential clearance/lash/shimming required.. incorrect set up, running low on oil, locked/damaged ets will cause terminal damage to your fwd.. must be used with billet side bearing to prevent bolts backing out (oem side bearing can crack).

There is no warranty stated or implied due to the stresses placed on your vehicle by performance parts and our inability to monitor their use, tuning, or modification.

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