Nissan R35 GTR – Quaife Front Differential

Nissan R35 GTR – Quaife Front Differential

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Renowned high performance transmission manufacturer quaife engineering is pleased to announce the launch of an automatic torque biasing limited slip differential for the front axle of the 2009 onwards nissan r35 gt-r supercar.
A direct replacement for the “open” nissan differential fitted to the front of the 3,799cc twin-turbo v6 four-wheel drive r35 gt-r, installation of the quaife atb limited slip differential realises a multitude of dynamic benefits.
The quaife atb helical gear limited slip differential is safe, progressive and seamless in operation and smoothly biases the engine’s torque across the nissan gt-r’s front axle to the wheel with the most grip. Under heavy acceleration the quaife differential functions to reduce wheelspin and is highly effective during aggressive standing starts, particularly in slippery conditions. For fast road use and circuit driving the quaife atb differential tames the gt-r’s tendency to understeer, working in perfect harmony with the r35’s attesa e-ts four wheel drive system and electronic vehicle dynamics control program to provide a more neutral and driver-satisfying chassis balance.
Under heaving braking, the quaife differential works in reverse to spread the load across the axle to avoid wheel lock-ups, optimise deceleration, improve stability and minimise abs intrusion.
In practice the quaife atb makes the nissan r35 gt-r a quicker road car, particularly across challenging terrain. On the circuit the installation of the quaife atb differential leads to faster, more consistent lap times, with reduced front tyre wear and an increased sense of driver involvement and control – vital factors on a model that’s often used on track and is frequently a candidate for engine tuning work. Quaife front differential is automatically biases torque, with a constantly varying degree, to the wheel that has traction. This massively reduces inside wheel slip without any negative side effects. For example, they are silent, use standard oil and do not need servicing any more than the standard item. They are also fine to use on the road and do not limit your steering lock or cause inner wheel hop on full lock when parking.
Quaife atb differential units are manufactured in the united kingdom from quality certified tata steel billets and inspected to iso9001-2008 standards. The quaife atb differential is designed to function using a well-proven, durable internal system of helical gears, meaning there are no plates, springs or other components that require servicing or replacement ever.
The quaife atb differential has been designed to use the standard nissan transmission oil and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty for both road and competition use. This makes the quaife atb differential a true “fit and forget” unit for nissan r35 gt-r owners looking to optimise their car’s performance.

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