Nissan R35 GTR – Pro Race Intercooler

Nissan R35 GTR – Pro Race Intercooler

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There are a number of front mount intercooler kits now available for the r35. All of these vary quite dramatically in style and size.

Some of these kits are designed as direct replacements for the oe nissan parts and are similar in design to the oe units, but with small dimensional changes in height, width and depth. These units potentially offer some small improvements in performance over the standard parts and benefit from being relatively simple to install, as these will fit with all the existing hardware.

Our r35 intercooler kit is one of the largest intercoolers available for the r35, giving a 98.2% increase in frontal surface area and a 49.6% increase in internal flow area when compared to the oe nissan intercoolers. This kit is also, as far as we are aware, one of the only ‘large’ front mount intercooler kits available which can be fitted without requiring the main front panel of the car to be cut and modified. The kit is supplied complete with all the ducting and mounting hardware to replace the front panel enabling the standard front panel to be simply removed and stored. This allows any of the cars fitted with this kit to be returned back to standard spec at any point in the future if required.

Kits benefit from using huge, custom built high performance extruded ‘tube & fin’ intercooler core, and are fitted with the same beautifully fabricated end-tanks, which are tig welded externally and internally, offering excellent flow characteristics and strength. Both kits are also supplied with all the same alloy air ducting parts and mounting hardware and both intercoolers are fitted with a large front air scoop ensuring all the airflow passing in through the front of the bumper is rammed through the intercooler.

The ‘ultimate’ spec kit is designed to specifically shorten the boost pipe runs from the intercooler outlets to the throttle bodies, so makes use of the voids created next to each headlight when the standard air intake parts are removed. The ‘ultimate’ kit is therefore supplied as a complete solution and comes with a full alloy boost pipe kit and also a new alloy intake pipe kit with itg air filters. The new intake system positions both air filters at either side of the intercooler ensuring these are fed with the coldest air possible, but without being in a position to pick-up excessive dirt and road debris.

Please note intakes are mafless – a speed density kit is required

Standard intercooler vs pro intercooler key details:

Standard intercooler core details:

2 off intercoolers @ 220 x 260 x 80mm
Single row core
21 live tubes for each intercooler (42 live tubes in total)
Core tube details = seam welded tube / with brazed internal fin
External tube size = 80mm x 5mm
Internal tube size = 79.4mm x 4.4mm

Pro intercooler core details:

1 off intercooler @ 360 x 630 x 110mm
Twin row core
64 live tubes
Core tube details = extruded tube / with extruded internal fin
External tube size = 50mm x 8mm
Internal tube size = 49mm x 7mm

Calculated external surface area & internal flow comparison:

98.2% increase in external core surface area when the pro intercooler is compared to the r35 standard intercoolers
49.6% increase in internal flow area when the pro intercooler is compared to the r35 standard intercoolers.

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